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Kurt Donald Cobain as an American singer, songwriter, and musician. A gifted yet distressed grunge celebrity, Kurt Cobain became a rock legend in the 1990s with his band, Nirvana.


Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington.


After receiving five nominations in the Grammy Awards without winning any of them, the band eventually received the Best Alternative Music Performance award for MTV Unplugged In New York in 1996.









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Franchise, et al – New Singers in the Mold of Kurt Cobain / Nirvana

New Singers in the Mold of Kurt Cobain / Nirvana

From Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift, so many pop music artists have emerged and grown as hip-hop royalties. The faces might have changed, and the stylings must have altered, but one thing that remained constant is the craze for pop music. Regardless of the bands, pop artists have had a significant impact in shaping music.

All the pop music lovers can say who the leading music artist is and what the favorite band is. But who are the upcoming pop music artists who are in their budding stages and gearing up to shake the pop industry and grow as dazzling artists? Here we look at some of the rising pop artists who are anticipated to blow up this year and listen to them now using Spotify.

On this page, we will present many examples of up and coming artists we have found on Spotify. Each tastemaker has identified at least 5 examples of these future global pop stars. In particular, we would like to highlight the overall favorite of the bunch, a relatively unknown artist known as Franchise.


Franchise Music started at the young age of 26 and currently is an upcoming singer-songwriter, electronic music producer, and DJ. He has spent time in Miami, New York City, and now currently lives in Mexico City. In addition to writing his own material, he also produces all of his own tracks. Taste wise, Franchise is the future of a blended sound – pulling inspiration from electronic, hip hop, r&b/soul, and pop music.He creates his unique sound pulling inspiration from the genius minds of Little Dragon, Erykah Badu, Sam Sparro, Nosaj Thing, Queen, Donny Hathaway, Bonobo, Madonna, Kaytranada, Prince, Flying Lotus, Stevie Wonder, RL Grime, Lauryn Hill, Dusky, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Aphex Twin, Dirtybird records, and Soulection records. ‘Music is my vessel. And through it, I aim to honestly communicate my point of view of the world we live in. Join me on my journey of self-exploration.’


DuaLipa was born on 22nd August, 1995 in London, England. With the passion towards pop, she started her music career at a tender age of 14. She kick-started her career by covering songs by other artists on YouTube. Her biggest stride happened in 2015 when she signed with Warner Music Group. Soon after, Dualipa released her first single “New Love.” Later she unveiled her second single “Be the One” which became a sensation by charting within the top 10 in more than 11 European territories. Her singles “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “Hotter than Hell” has gained popularity all over the world, and DuaLipa is expected to create so many records in the nearest future.


Reginald Lamar Williams. Jr, who was born on January 18th, 1990 in Florida, US, is professionally known to the pop lovers as R.Lum.R. He began his career by playing classical guitar under the name Reggie Williams. His first single “Frustrated” which went viral in 2016 changed his career. Frustrated recorded 20 million plays on Spotify alone. The way he hoists his mid-range voice to upper rungs of voice and his humble expressions leave an indelible impression. With his high-spirited and melodic voice he is adding more fans to his ever-growing fan base almost everyday. R.Lum.R is expected to top so many charts soon.


Khalid Amhearst Robinson,who was born on February 11th, 1998 in Georgia, US is an American singer and songwriter. His first single “Location” reached the second position on Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists charts in 2016. He was featured on Alina Baraz’s single “Electric” with Brass tracks and impressed the pop lovers. His songs are influenced by new beginnings and travel. His feel-good instrumental skills and soulful vocals, he released his debut studio album American Teen in 2017 and left a memorable impression. His fans are keeping an eye out for his debut EP, and Khalid is predicted to be an established pop artist with his best-selling music in the upcoming days.


Laurel Arnell-Cullen was born on 7th May 1994 in Southampton. With her never-ending interest in music, she posted a demo of her song “Blue Blood” in 2013. Later she started her posting her songs “Mankind” and “Fire Breather.” At the age of 22, she signed with Turn First Artists and released two EPs titled as To the Hills and Holy Water on her own record label, Next Time Records. Laurel is the best definition of a self-made artist and released her first single from her debut album “Life worth Living” which left a good impact. However her second single “San Francisco” made her name in the Apple Music’s first Artist of the Week. Her single “Hurricane” stormed the internet and created a lot of buzz from the music bloggers. With her richest vocals, Laurel is projected to blow the minds of music lovers.

Parson James:

Parson James was born on June 7th, 1994 in Cheraw, South Carolina. His first single “Stole the Show” made him popular by becoming a hit in a number of countries. The success of his first single made him sign with RCA Records in 2015. In 2016, he released his extended play release The Temple EP with a full studio album which turned out to be a great hit. He was picked as the Artist of the Month by Elvis Duran while performing his “Sad Song.” With his modern music sense and passionate vocals, James will soon reach greater heights in his musical career.

These are the five budding pop or hip-hop music artists who are waiting to makes waves this year. Want to hear them sing? Check out the playlists on Spotify and continue to follow all the upcoming new artists.



Five Essential Nirvana Live Performances

Five Essential Nirvana Live Performances
The soulful music and meaningful lyrics, is what essentially lacking in the contemporary music industry. If you are a 90’s kid, then there is no need to mention Kurt Cobain’s exceptional contribution to the ever-growing music industry with his iconic performances for the band Nirvana. It has been more than 20 years when the front man left his body, but his mesmerizing voice has kept his soul alive in all of our hearts. The music of Nirvana was not another combination of vocals and rhythm, but is something much more inspirational and emotional for the human race.

The band set a benchmark for all the musicians which no other band could ever cross. Moreover, the music which they gifted our ears with, can’t ever be explained and praised through words! So remembering the beautiful band and the mesmerizing voice of Kurt Cobain, here are the details of the best Five Essential Nirvana Live Performances!

Five Essential Nirvana Live Performances

OK Hotel in Seattle, Washington, 1991:

Thanks to the amazing platform-YouTube, for letting the young generations witness the sweetest voices of such legends. The quality of this live performance available on YouTube might be a little low; however, the performance can never be compared with any other show. Leaving the listeners spellbound is what Nirvana loves to do. The concert here was full of sparkling hits like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit, ‘Negative Creep,’ ‘Blew’ and a lot much.

Reading Festival of Reading, United Kingdom, 1992:

The band rocked the stage with one of their largest set lists till date. The performance here was witnessed by a massive crowd, which included some deadliest hits like covers of ‘More Than a Feeling’ and ‘Smoke on the Water.’ This was also the final performance of the band in the UK. So, to all those who aren’t feeling old yet, you can still watch the videos available for you.

Le Zenith in Paris, France, 1994:

This concert is considered as one of the finest and the largest show that the band ever undertook in their final tour. Here, the audience got blessed with the most spectacular performance of all time where the band played everything that included in their hit list from ‘Bleach’ to ‘In Utero.’

Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan, 1991:

The historians and music lovers, remember this show as Nirvana’s best ever and the most enthusiastic performance of their career. The songs made people dance, shout and go weak on their knees. It was since then the world started prioritizing the band along with their songs.

MTV Unplugged in New York City, 1993:

This was definitely a mind-boggling performance by the band due to its high tide incredibility and notoriously unplugged tracks. The band performed unplugged versions of their own songs which were hard hitting in the albums, but were soft ad mesmerizing during the show. The band portrayed a completely opposite side of their tracks which can’t ever be forgotten. The highlights contain the covers of ‘The Man Who Sold the World,’ ‘About a Girl’ and ‘Pennyroyal Tea.’

So, what are you waiting for, you have got YouTube right at your mobile phone! Should I say something more?




Nine things you need to know that made Kurt Cobain Famous

Nine things you need to know that made Kurt Cobain Famous
Do you know about Kurt Cobain? He was a famous singer, songwriter, and an American musician. Nirvana was his band name which he made with Aaron Burckhard and Krist Novoselic. It was established as a part of Seattle music scene that later came to known as grunge.

Nine things you need to know that made Kurt Cobain Famous

Kurt Cobain was found dead in homeroom of above greenhouse in Seattle. It has been twenty years and ten days of his death. There are nine things that made Kurt Cobain famous-

  1. Before Nirvana Seattle, the big culture was called Jimi Hendrix’s birthplace. His band nirvana breakthrough in 1991 helped many other local bands like Soundgarden, pearl jam, and Mudhoney to gain international exposure and thus, the city earned the title as the birthplace of grunge which made him famous.
  2. Cobain’s childhood friend and Nirvana’s bass player, Krist Novoselic told Charles R. cross that Cobain’s music is a most important thing and not his death. “The detail of his death is just lurid.” In “Here we are now: the last impact of Kurt Cobain,” the Cross writes that for last 20 years Cobain’s suicide had stayed as the most famous suicide case. After his death, way the suicides were reported in media was changed. Photos of Cobain’s body were not intrusive stuff, but it was the reminder that if you are depressed or drug addict and struggling with it, then help is available. A person is not alone.
  3. Another thing that made Cobain famous was his death. Those days death within 27 years was usually happening due to suicide which was considered as a leading cause of death after the car accident. And when Kurt Cobain died he was 27 years of age.
  4. In 1991 nirvana album ‘nevermind” was released and twenty million copies of this album were sold worldwide. Nevermind album with “Smells like teen spirit was ranked under top 10 list one after another, but was it best Nirvana album? According to Cobain and Novoselic did not believe it was best. All the member of this band though “In Utero” was the better album.
  5. Until Cobain made hit in the music industry, the Bowie was the superstar. But Bowie carrier was in the lull during 1991, when Nirvana covered “the man who sold the world.” also during 1993 MTV unplugged performance Ziggy Stardust was introduced to the new generation, and in 1970-80’s he appreciated Cobain. This is another thing which made Cobain famous.
  6. Another thing that made Cobain famous is that he was the huge fan of a schizophrenic Texan singer; “yip/jump” was his favorite album. Also, he used to wear the shirt featuring drawings of Johnston’s. Till now the Johnston perform and record for fans converted through the patronage of Cobain.
  7. During the collaboration and recording of “the ‘priest,’ they called him”Cobain turned nirvana fans toward the “naked lunch author.”
  8. Lead belly was an artist who thanked Cobain for calling folk/blues artist his favorite performer.
  9. Cobain loved the underdog as well as rejected things that were too polished. He hired Bayer to direct “smell like teen spirit” and for that Bayer became biggest video director who worked with Green Day.

There all things made Kurt Cobain become famous music artist.